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Panama is characterized as a country of service sectors, among which are the banking sector with around 85 banks including Panamanian and international banks, with more than 40 billion dollars in assets.

Panama Canal with the annual increase in international trade, especially between Asia and the United States positively affects the demand for service to the transit of ships. As a direct result of the referendum for approval for the expansion of thePanama Property waterway, which is estimated at an investment of 5.250 billion dollars (5.2 billion). This will have positive repercussions for the next 12 years estimated construction time of the canal expansion.

Colon Free Zone, which is the sePanama Propertycond largest worldwide following Hong Kong, has about 1,500 offices engaged in import / export of goods and receives about 250,000 visitors annually and generates an annual trade of around 11 billion dollars.

In addition to the above, the
City of Panama won a special mention for its security and safety. It has front-line hospitals associated with major hospitals in the United States of America. As far as education is concerned, there are several schools offering bilingual courses and courses with international accreditation and excellent national and international universities based in Panama. With shopping centres where you can see all kinds of stores from fashion to handicrafts including the famous molas made by Cuna Indians.

International flight connections, low crime rate and very competitive prices for properties, make Panama very attractive. Panama appears in the list ofTrump Tower Panama countries preferred by foreigners who seek a peaceful and sunny retreat, attracted by special legislation offering incentives and special discounts for those wishing to use the Law of pensions or retirement. These incentives and tax breaks include an exemption on the import of household goods and even a duty free vehicle every two years.

This has encouraged, in 2006, about 826,000 foreigners to seek  Panama as a tourist destination. Many of these visitors have been seduced by the exotic landscape that Panama offers and made the country their second home. Take the opportunity to be part of the housing and investment environment, communicate directly with our representatives for details.

In town, there are 5 excellent shopping malls where you can find relatively new stores offering variety of brands and prices. The nightlife in Panama does not rest, from spectacular casinos, excellent restaurants of all kinds, clubs and bars with different atmospheres.

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