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Phone:+(507) 991-0879/6785-7550


Address: Penonome, Panama

Location: Penonome


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The tourist complex La Iguana is an alternative for those people that are looking for a different way to enjoy theirs vacations, weekends or spare time; in contact with the nature, without staying to far from the capital. We offer you a variety of activities for the enjoyment of people of all ages, from extreme sports to tranquil hikes for beautiful pathways.

La iguana is located in the community of Churuquita Grande, 14 km from Penonomé city and 2 hours and 20 minutes from the capital, the road between Penonomé and Churuquita Grande is in perfect conditions and also all along the route you can see beautiful landscapes with green mountains. If you don't have car the bus service is very good, the ticket from Penonomé to the place is of $ 0.70 and is available from the 6 a.m to 9 p.m.

The complex has a hotel area, full facility rooms with a maximum 5 person capacity, with prices of $ 25.00 for couple and $ 5.00 for each additional person (the rooms with A/C has an extra charge).

La Iguana Panama La Iguana Eco Resort La Iguana Eco Resort Panama La Iguana Resort Panama